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You have found Journey Through Middle Earth, a Lord of the Rings, LOTRO fan site. Originally created as a Guild Site for multiple users we have closed our doors to this concept and turned the site into a LOTR/LOTRO information site:

Although, we are very interested in the game Lord of the Rings On-line we decided to place more emphasis on JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings literature as well as news about LOTR and then LOTRO in that lose order :

JTME was created in 2010 as a LOTRO fan site by Eiledon Truevoice (aka John Garza) and is maintained periodically by him. If you wish to submit stories on the subjects of LOTRO/LOTR as well as JRR Tolkien please contact us.

If you are new to The Lord of the Rings and JRR Tolkien, we hope you will find information here that will help you to get to know him much better. Thanks and enjoy your Journey Through Middle Earth.


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