The Usual About Me Page

560906_3222718760368_231788258_nSome time back I became a gamer, a very  long time back my gaming experience goes back to pong if that rings any bells. Over the years I have played many games and have become quite avid in the computer game genre. I build computers and program then and have become somewhat of a decent webmaster. Over the years I have played some games I enjoy quite a bit and have many games on my gaming computer right down to some of the most recent up to date games with excellent graphics. For more info on that you can go to my gaming blog. in the last year or so I came upon Lord of the Rings Online, being a LOTR fan for many years and having read Tolkiens books over and over again, I decided to check it out. Originaly when I started LOTRO my computer was sub-standard for the game and I found it to be somewhat difficult to enjoy.  Eventually I decided to build a faster and better computer, needless to say I found the game wonderful. I’ve played ever since, I created the ususal LOTRO community page which is a now a personal fan site and would report on my gamer blog from time to time of my doings. Since then the adventures have grown as well as my video and screenshot library.  So begins the story of an Elf, a Dwarf and no telling how many other characters, so begins A Journey Through Middle Earth.